Three Basic Tips For Furniture Cleaning

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When it comes to cleaning, furniture items in the house are the trickiest. For one, there are specific instructions to ensure that the pieces don’t suffer from bad marks or any kind of permanent damage. Also, they are very expensive and not as easy to replace should there be any mishap. They are the pieces that make any space come alive and it would be a big mess if suddenly these items are in need of repair just because of incorrect cleaning practices.

Cleaning Without Damaging Your Furniture

You can clean your furniture without damaging it. It begins it knowing the material of the furniture and the cleaning products that you can use to tidy it up. What are the ways with which homeowners can properly care for their beloved furniture pieces while cleaning them? Let us count the ways:

  1. Know the material.

    Glass is different from leather and this definitely does not share the same cleaning needs as wood. It is important to begin with the homeowner knowing exactly what kind of material they are dealing with. This cuts down the guesswork in buying cleaning materials and can prevent problems in the long run.

  2. Clean your couch.

    There is nothing quite like the couch in amassing stains and a dark appearance due to dirt. However, it is also the easiest to clean regularly due to one thing: the upholstery spout on the vacuum cleaner. Several passes at least once a week can keep the dust from seeping in the foam and the covers. Also, be kind to the fibers of the couch by opting for a soft cloth or bristled brush when cleaning. If possible, sun the whole couch together with the pillows. This practice can help kill the pests and eliminate odors by airing it out properly.

    To keep a couch clean, keep moisture very far from it by refraining eating or drinking while seating on it. The food crumbs are also a big headache to clean and makes it prone to cockroaches mostly. So let dining activities be saved for the dining table.

  3. Clean wood using the right materials.

    Wood is a really great luxury in homes today. There has been an advent in the use of plastic or synthetic materials when it comes to home furnishings and for good reason: wood is expensive and is very hard to clean.

    If you own wooden furniture, clean them at least once a week with a dust removing solution that can be purchased in leading groceries. Do not spray directly onto the pieces and always use an absorbent but soft cloth to remove the dust. City Wide Maids advises that when it comes to smaller ones like table top sculptures, it is better to refrain from feather dusters. Instead, get a makeup brushes with great material to do the job.

    Waxing is also a good practice and doing so every so often does a lot of good to the external structure of wood items and keeps it looking new.

Taking Caution When Cleaning Furniture

When it comes to cleaning furniture items, vigilance is the key. Know the pieces, read the labels, and clean properly and regularly. If you are unsure how to safely clean your furniture, it is always better to let the experts do it. A professional housekeeping company like City Wide Maids Cleaning in Toronto can be trusted to clean your furniture thoroughly without damaging it.


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