Tips For Cleaning Your Pantry

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Pantry area is the most common area in every house, lots of stuff stacked here for the recipes you prepare in main kitchen and everyone in family enjoys those delicious meals due to that “pantry area”. When pantry is well stocked, it gives the cook of the family many choices and the creative leeway to whip up the most delicious items at any given moment. With all those meals cleaning is also an important part, usually main kitchen get daily cleaning but it is quite perplexing that the pantry is most ignored area when it comes to cleaning.

Tips For Cleaning Your Pantry

Compared to the prep area or the main kitchen, the pantry is usually a dry place which makes people think it need not be cleaned as often. But in reality, the pantry can host a lot of germs which can be detrimental to the health of the family. Want a great pantry? Here are some tips to keep it pristine and safe:

  1. Do a thorough pest control of the area.

    Although most items in the pantry are canned or sealed bottles, having cockroaches or rats in the area can do serious damage to the items. These pests can leave their droppings on the items and may be ingested by unsuspecting family members.

    Prevent this by first hiring a professional exterminator. Usually, the presence of a cobweb should be a first sign that a host of pests is starting to take prominence in the area. Afterwards, keep a schedule of spraying pest killers to keep the nasty pests away from the pantry. If possible, renovate the area and install open shelves to keep pests at bay. Also, keep the pantry dry. Pests thrive in dark and damp places and can multiply further in the presence of moisture.

  2. Seal items in tight containers.

    Items such as flour, corn starch, coffee, sugar, and salt should be kept in tightly sealed containers. Aside from keeping the pests away because of the smell, sealing it prevents spillages, which can be hard to clean if it happens. It also helps the pantry to be more organized. Transferring them from their original packaging for the dry items also helps in preventing spillages due to flimsy packaging.

    When fixing the pantry, keep the dry ones and the wet items (i.e. sauces, dips) away from each other. Items such as nuts and dry fruits can be placed in sealable packs for easier access versus constantly opening a big box which only opens the rest of the stock to contamination.

  3. Practice FIFO.

    Doing the First In, First Out system can prevent a lot of wastage. It also keeps the pantry well-stocked, just enough for the family’s use. This helps in more efficient grocery shopping. Labeling items properly with dates when they were opened can assist in keeping the items fresh and informs everyone as to which should be used first.

  4. Scrub it with detergent.

    At least twice a month, do a thorough cleaning of the pantry with the help of soapy water and a good sponge. Scrub it well with a soapy detergent to take out the grime and spots, making the pantry fit to store another round of groceries.

    Why Keep Your Pantry Clean Keeping your pantry clean is a must if you want to protect your family’s health and if you want to handle your finances wisely. A clean and organized pantry also helps you save time as you don’t have to devote so much effort on looking for supplies when you need them. For thorough kitchen and house cleaning in Toronto, Ontario you can contact City Wide Maids Toronto Cleaning Company.


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