3 Cheap Ways To Keep Your Living Room Interesting

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1. Art Art can spark a conversation; inspire creativity or simply change the mood of an environment. Art has an underlying intention to connect with people through human emotion and its because of this, that we all need a good piece to share! Etsy.com, a marketplace for handmade and vintage items, has a huge selection of low priced items that can be shipped worldwide. So why not try it for yourself? Its an added bonus when you find an item that is literally one of a kind!

2. Books The coffee table book isn’t just a book, its a template off which your guests base their assumptions about you. So don’t mess this up and give someone the wrong impression. Make sure your guests see the sophisticated you by selecting titles from best sellers !

3. Board Games Monopoly. Scrabble. While everyone loves to play those classic board games every once in a while, they don’t bring the excitement to our faces as they once did because, well, they just aren’t new or interesting anymore. While not exactly a board game, Cards Against Humanity, has gained quickly gained popularity with its quirky game in which you challenge against your opponents in creating the funniest answers to truly random life questions.

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