How To Clean Your Microwave In Less Than 5 Minutes

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We’ve all been guilty of throwing something in the microwave without an adequate cover. The result is usually an unsightly splatter clinging to the walls of the microwave like something out of Alien. But you got this right? You’ll totally clean it after you eat. But suddenly, days and months pass until one day you glance inside the zapper and find that the splatter has now become a long-term tenant; acting like it pays rent. Luckily humans have devised a way to conquer these unwelcome squatters fast and easily. Here’s how to do it:

  • Fill a microwave safe container, preferably a bowl, and fill it ¾ full
  • Place the container inside the microwave and set it to high
  • Notch up the ticker to a 4 minutes and let the microwave works its magic
  • The steam that is generated will soften up all the gunk for you without any effort; for extra smelly nukers add a dash of vinegar or lemon to the water mix to eliminate any accompanying nasty odours
  • After the 4 minutes is up, simply wipe down the microwave and you’re done

So there you go, a very simple, fast and effective way to clean your microwave in less than 5 minutes.

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