Professional Maid Cleaning Services Midtown

Midtown residents know better than anyone that maintaining a home takes considerable time and effort – time that is often better spent elsewhere.

Professional cleaning services ensures that your home is kept in immaculate condition, ready for company at a moment’s notice. Professional cleaning services ensure that the value of your home remains high.

Simply put, a cleaning lady is an investment in your home.

City Wide Maids is an award-winning company that offers a premium cleaning services all at an affordable price. City Wide Maid caters to the exclusivity that Mid Town residents are accustomed to.

Our Midtown Cleaning Lady

At City Wide Maids, we understand that Mid Town residents enjoy customization, which is why our cleaning services can be tailored to your home’s particular needs. Whether you are looking for weekly, bi-weekly or casual cleaning services, we give you the flexibility that you need.

That’s precisely why we offer a range of different cleaning services (again, all of which are customizable to your particular needs):

  • Residential Cleaning Services (Houses, Apartments and Condos). We also offer additional cleaning services, including fridge cleaning and washing linens.
  • Deep Cleaning Services
  • Move In/Move Out Cleaning Services
  • Staging Cleaning Services

We also understand that people are becoming increasingly conscious of the products that they use in their home. That’s why your cleaning lady will use the cleaning products that you already have at home (this is part of the reason why we are able to offer the best rates in the GTA).

Our cleaners are highly trained professionals with extensive experience in cleaning the range of different surfaces and specialty furniture that Midtown homes have. They have the necessary expertise that Mid Town residents need.

About City Wide Maids – The Best Cleaning Lady in the GTA

City Wide Maids is a four time Consumer Choice award winner; we are a professional and trusted name in the industry and have been for over forty years!

On top of expert and professional cleaning services, City Wide Maids provides a premier customer service experience to each and every client. This is what makes us different from the rest.

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If you are looking for a cleaning lady that delivers premier cleaning services from an award-winning company (and all at highly affordable rates), consider City Wide Maids. Call us at 416-363-6231 and get a quote in under 5 minutes or contact us here and get a quote in under two hours!

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We have been with City Wide Maid Service for many years. Beryl even helped me through a very dirty time when I was gutting the third floor for my new studio back in 2008. She was with us before that when our daughters kept what we called “the pen”, a rumpus room which was a teenage kid hangout.

- Barry Smylie

Wow! I could not ask for better service. The cleaners are detailed, reliable, and honest. I am so happy I finally found such a great, trustworthy, and dependable cleaning company to take care of my home.

- Lambros Demos

We moved to Toronto two years ago and have been using City Wide Maid Service on a bi-weekly basis to take care of our cleaning needs. We are so happy with their cleaners, the quality of the cleaning, customer service and affordable rates.

- George Parkinson

I’ve used City Wide Maid Service on multiple occasions. They’re punctual, professional and always do a thorough job. Their cleaning staff are friendly but never intrusive, efficient and respectful of our property. I highly recommend them; and their rates are very competitive!

- Mike A

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