Weekly, Bi-Weekly, & Monthly Home Cleaning Services

Recurring Home Cleaning Services

Cleaning your home requires a considerable time commitment each week. Think of all the other ways you could be spending your valuable time! Indeed, most people are surprised at just how much time they spend cleaning their home and even those smaller blocks of time add up.

Whether you find that your home is in a perpetual disarray or in need of a continuous cleaning, as life is busy with work, children, pets, sporting commitments and such you simply don’t have the time to invest in keeping your home as clean and tidy as you would like. This is why a professional home cleaning services like ours, offering housekeeping services is the answer.

Professional maid cleaning services are an investment in yourself, your spouse or partner, your children, your pets and your home. Give yourself the time to enjoy your free time elsewhere – not at home with mop and broom in hand. Leave it to the professionals at City Wide Maid Service and have peace of mind knowing your home has been lovingly taken care of.

If you are in search of professional cleaning services with affordable rates, look no further than City Wide Maid Service. City Wide Maids is an award-winning, professional and trusted cleaning service that has been cleaning homes in Toronto for over forty years. We are Toronto’s trusted, experienced and affordable professional maid service.

About Our Recurring Home Cleaning Services

One thing that separates City Wide Maid Service from the rest is the flexibility we offer our clients. Whether you need a weekly, bi-weekly, four-week, one-time cleaning or more casual housekeeping, we are happy to accommodate you. There are no contracts to sign and we book by the hour! We rely on our great customer service, experienced maids and quality of cleaning to keep our clients happy.

For weekly and bi-weekly clients we send the same maid to your home on the same day and time as scheduled. For clients on a four week schedule we do our utmost best to send the same maid to your home on the same day and time every four weeks. There is nothing like coming home after your scheduled cleaning date to a home that is clean, fresh and tidy. You owe it to yourself to give this gift of clean of your home so you can spend more valuable time doing things you love and with the people closest to you. Schedule your recurring cleans for your home, sit back and enjoy the no hassle, reliable maid service where your professional maid takes great care of your home, so you can enjoy the simpler things in life. There is simply nothing like it.

We also give our clients the flexibility to customize their cleaning services based on their own needs. Whether you need a general residential cleaning services or deep cleaning, our services are highly individualized and can be customized to each client. We understand that our clients have a range of different needs and we will accommodate based on those needs.

Our professional cleaners are among the most reliable, highly trained, committed and experienced in the industry. They are employees of ours and not sub-contractors. We work very closely with our professional maids and consider them part of the family. We are very proud of the fact that many professional cleaners want to work for City Wide as we are highly regarded in the industry as being a great place to work Thus enabling us to send out professional experienced cleaners that want to do a great job for our clients. When it comes to recurring cleaning services and housekeeping, this is what matters most.

About City Wide Maids – The Best Home Cleaning Service in the GTA

City Wide Maids is a four-time Consumer Choice winner, known as the best maid service in Toronto. Over 40 years of cleaning homes in Toronto we represent an experienced, reputable and trusted maid service you can’t beat!

Our Other Home Cleaning Services

In addition to our recurring residential cleaning services, we also offer:

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We have been with City Wide Maid Service for many years. Beryl even helped me through a very dirty time when I was gutting the third floor for my new studio back in 2008. She was with us before that when our daughters kept what we called “the pen”, a rumpus room which was a teenage kid hangout.

- Barry Smylie

Wow! I could not ask for better service. The cleaners are detailed, reliable, and honest. I am so happy I finally found such a great, trustworthy, and dependable cleaning company to take care of my home.

- Lambros Demos

We moved to Toronto two years ago and have been using City Wide Maid Service on a bi-weekly basis to take care of our cleaning needs. We are so happy with their cleaners, the quality of the cleaning, customer service and affordable rates.

- George Parkinson

I’ve used City Wide Maid Service on multiple occasions. They’re punctual, professional and always do a thorough job. Their cleaning staff are friendly but never intrusive, efficient and respectful of our property. I highly recommend them; and their rates are very competitive!

- Mike A

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